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Sauna-Plus 8

Automatical sauna splash SAUNA-PLUS

Dosing-system for an automatic sauna-splash with fragrance and water. The system is available with one up to four aroma pumps. The sauna-splash-systems has 3 operation modes: cyclic-, clock timer- and push-button operation. The operation and splash times can be saved individually in the integrated week-program. Operation and visualization via 3.2” full color Touch-Display. In addition to the standard settings like water-, aroma quantity and splash time the system offers many additional adjustable parameters. Different aromas can be assigned to single splashes in individual quantities for example. Furthermore a splash pre-indication can be connected or the splash can be combined with light and sound effects. Another feature is to send a signal from the system to the heater to activate the pre-heating before the splash. The controller includes several password protected authorization levels. Each level allows different settings.

Sauna-Plus 8

Technical Data

Electrical supply 230 V/AC 50 Hz 
Power supply max. 50 W 
Water supply 1/2“ IG 
Water outlet 3/8" IG 
Water quantity app. 2,5 l/min 
Pre-pressure min. 1,5 bar 
Pre-pressure max. 5 bar 
Measures W 47 cm x H 71 cm x D 24 cm  
Weight app. 15 Kg 
Temperature range +10°C bis +35°C 
Protection class IP44 

Scope of delivery

  • Controller with 3,2" Touch installed in housing
  • Peristaltic pump SA for fragrance concentrate
  • Mounting board with console for max. 5l fragrance canister
  • Supply with ball valve ½“ female thread and pre-filter
  • Tube aerator according to EN1717
  • Solenoid valve VA ¼
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Dosing tube with dosing valve 3/8“ stainless steel
  • Outlet 3/8“ female thread
  • Splash sprinkler 3/8“ female thread
  • Design cover



To be provided by the builder

  • Plants room for the installation of the control panel
  • Power socket 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Water connection cold 1/2"
  • Needed pressure: 1,5 bar dynamic
  • Water quantity: 2,5 l/min
  • 3/8" tubing to the sprinkler
  • Drain in the plants room

The unit has to be installed on a higher level than the sprinkler. If this is not possible or if the tubing goes upwards, a non-return valve EN1717 has to be installed in the supply - in this case we recommend to use the sauna connection set - see options !!

Accessories/ Options

To be ordered separately:

  • Grommet part-no. 15214 (Photo shows sprinkler and grommet)


  • Splash sprinkler available in special length and shapes
  • Effect illumination
  • MP3-Player +loudspeaker
  • Push button plate
  • Sauna splash connection set consisting of:

- 10 meter PTFE dosing tube
 - tube adapter Sauna Plus 3/8" x 6x1
 - tube adapter splash nozzle 3/8" x 6x1
 - 3/8" angle female/male thread