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Swimming Pool

Best water quality and perfect air conditions

Classy design and interesting architecture are a must in attractive swimming pools of private houses, hotels,thermal baths and public pools. When diving into thewater the bather enjoys the wet element and trusts as amatter of course the well-functioning technique that ensures best water quality and perfect air conditions!

WDT´s development of technical equipment for swimming pools goes back to its founding days. We have relied on our long term experience in this field to create a wide and sophisticated range of autocontrol and dosing systems for the water disinfection in the context of the water treatment. Our main specialities are the dosing of chlorine granulate and activated carbon powder. Therefore we are able to offer you a tailor made solution for every application.

Our strength lies not only in our ability to produce top quality products but also in our continued effort to provide superior level of service for our customers. A necessary core competence in this sector is to understand the total complex of swimming pools as well as their associated technical systems and to transfer this knowhow to our partners.


Relax, experience, regenerate

Due to the trend to improve the quality of life, the number of wellness & spa centers in the private and public sector has increased enormously over the last years. As a result, technical equipment for wellness facilities has become a main pillar of WDT´s business activities.

Our product range for dosing, control and attraction systems is a compilation of ideas from all over the world which have inspired us. We are always ready for new challenges from our customers! Technical equipment for a perfect room climate, color light effects and beneficial aroma experiences are only a small part of what we produce. Of course, all our products offer you the highest functionality and safety levels.

Our experiences and our know-how guarantee you professional consultation about the technical requirements and perfect service.

Drinking water



One challenge for the future of mankind is the economical and efficient handling of water. The careful treatment of this diminishing and valuable natural resource is becoming more and more important in the drinking and waste water industry. The effective disinfection and cleaning of the water plays an important role in this business.

Using our experience from dosing of granulate and powder for swimming pools, WDT developed and manufactured systems for the dosing of powdered carbon for the waste water treatment already in the mid-nineties.

Nowadays we are able to offer economical and sophisticated dosing techniques for nearly every size of drinking and waste water plant in the municipal or industrial sector.


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The complete overview over all WDT services: get informed about or company, products and service!


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