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Fragrances, Brine solution, Foam agent, Sauna care products

Holistic concepts are the latest trend in wellness and spa facilities. All senses are activated in harmony at the same time (smell, sight, hearing and touch). The human perception of aroma is multisensual. This means that one sense is never perceived in isolation from the other senses. That´s why warm water for example is associated with warm colors like red or yellow. The compatible aroma is fruity and strong. Therefore, it is important to have the right aromatization technique and fragrance.

Depending on the application, a suitable carrier medium for the fragrance has to be used to aromatize a room. In steam rooms and experience showers, the fragrance is injected directly in the steam or water tube. In the sauna, fragrance is mixed with water and splashed onto the hot stones. The fragrances that we offer are mixtures of natural and nature identical etheric oils and aromas. To make them dissolvable in water we use solutisers that are also used in the food and cosmetic industry. For each fragrance we provide a corresponding material safety data sheet.

Brine solution is used to create a salty sea climate for wellness applications. Our brine solution is delivered sterile in special air sealed bags (Poltainers) with an expiry date.

The product line is rounded off by pleasant smelling foam agent for Hammam massages. The available scents are rose and hayflower.

Lahti products keep your sauna and wellness facilities fresh and clean longer, just like new. The PURUVESI sauna wood cleaner cleans sauna benches and other untreated wooden surfaces. Subsequent treatment with the unique sauna wood preservative and treatment products OULUJÄRVI (for interior use)
or INARIJÄRVI (for exterior use) permanently prevents moisture deposits and stains from forming on wooden surfaces.