Fragrances for Steam Rooms


The trend in Wellness and Spa are multisensual concepts where all senses of the guest are activated and harmonised at the same time (see, hear, feel, smell). In this context the right fragrance plays an essential role.

Fragrances for the dosing directly into the steam pipe by DUFTDOS.

Fragrances for Steam Rooms

Scope of delivery

Fragrances for steam rooms, deliverable in 1 l - 3 l - 5 l - 10 l canisters.

Here a small choice of our fragrances - others on demand:



  • Orange - Tangerine
  • Ceylon Mango
  • Bourbon Vanille
  • Eis Lime
  • Mexico Lemon Grass



  • Noble Fir - Spruce Needle
  • Mountain Pine
  • China-Eucalyptus



  • Eucalyptus Menthole
  • Alaska Mint



  • West-Indian-Rose
  • Provence Lavender



  • French Melissa
  • Herbs of the Alps
  • Oriental
  • Toscana Herbal Garden
  • Camomile