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Dosing of Activated Carbon Powder

Dosing system for the dust-free, industrial dosing of powdered activated carbon (PAC) to eliminate all organic impurities from drinking and waste water.

Dosing directly from Big-Bag or silo. CARBODOS produces a suspension that is either conveyed directly to the filter or bassin at a low back pressure or to a buffer
tank from where the suspension is dosed. The level of the buffer tank is controlled automatically.


Technical Data

Electrical supply 400 VAC 16 Amp 
Water supply according to performance/ version 
Suspension outlet according to performance/ version 
Foot print 2 x 4m 
Weight app. 800 kg 
Dosing performance max. ca. 2 - 300 kg/h  
Water consumption app. 4,5 - 6 m³/h (according to performance) 
Pre-pressure 2,5 - 5 bar (according to performance) 
Back-pressure 0,5 - 1,5 bar 

Scope of delivery

Vertical support: Rotating drum carrier steel, zinc, drum fixing device with clamp bands and safety belt.

Activated carbon dosing: Connecting system for the Big-Bag, dosing hopper DN 300, dosing motor 0,25 kW 3-Phases with rpm control, dosing screw d35-d80, vibrator to support powder flow, empty switch.

Suspension unit: Backflushing pre-filter with integrated pressure regulator, boost water connection 1¼” or 1½ “, suspension preparation tube d160 with nozzles
to wet the powder, venturi nozzle 1¼“ to convey the suspension, flow control for the suspension water, pressure, level, and flow control / monitoring.

Control techniques:
• Coloured 7” Touch-Graphic display to indicate the current status of the unit and the operation parameters
• Simple and clearly arranged user guidance of the screen
• Faults and alarms are illustrated by self-explaining icons
• With integrated meter for chlorine consumption
• Integrated test programmes for all functions
• Monitoring of all control components of the system
• Operation languages: German, English
• Event storage (data logging)

Interface: USB for data export
Remote indication via browser driven devices
(e.g. tablet or smartphone)
• Indication of the current operational states,
errors and alarms

Lifting system for the Big-Bag
• Crane frame height 6,5 m (max. 7,5 m according to version), width 3,5 m
• Crane 1 to with electric up and down control and manual moving left-right
• Hang on cross for the Big-Bag

To be provided by the builder

  • Power supply
  • Supply tubing and tubing to the injection point / buffer tank
  • Overflow / drain in the plants room
  • Necessary building measures to install the machine and the crane or silo

Accessories/ Options

• Control cabinet with touch controller and web visualisation
• Controller with balance technique
• Buffer tank

Also adapted for the dosing of lime powder!