Dosing of Sodium-Dichlorisocyanurate (NaDCCA)

Dosing unit GRANUDOS FB for the production of a max. 5% chlorine solution of Dichlor granules directly from a 100 l or 600 l container. The dosed chemical is dissolved completely and injected into the the system by a suitable dosing pump. The dosing rate for the chlorine granulate and the chlorine solution can be adjusted. The dosing rate of the pump may be controlled continuously, by an internal ORP controller or by an external flow meter.


Technical Data

Electrical supply 230 V/AC 50Hz / optional 24 V/DC  
Power supply 25 kW 
Water supply DN10 
Water outlet to injection point DN10 
Measures FB-M1/ M6 W 60 x D 80 x H 150 cm/ W 130 x D 130 x H 175 cm 
Weight FB-M1/ M6 app. 60 kg/ 170 kg 
Dosing performance max. 40 kg/h  
Pre-pressure min. 1,5 bar 
Back-pressure max. depending on dosing pump  

Scope of delivery

  • Container 100 l (M1) or 600 l (M6): for Dichlor. Dosing head, flanged to the container, with slide valve
  • Chlorine dosing: Dosing motor, dosing screw, vibrator to support the dosing. Capacitive switch for empty monitoring of the drum
  • Dissolving system: Flushing tank, dissolving pot FB, monitoring switch min-max alarm of the flushing tank, floating valve to prevent overflow
  • Micro processor controller FB-H: in housing IP 54. Adjustment of dosing performances from 10-100% by rotary knob, programme selector for service and test programmes. Non volt fault remote control. Processing of all monitoring switches. Identification of faults by 5 LEDs. Switch off of the dosing at malfunction

To be provided by the builder

  • Power supply
  • Supply tubing and tubing to the injection point
  • Overflow/ drain in the plants room
  • Autocontrol system to control the GRANUDOS

Accessories/ Options

  • Dosing pump
  • ORP-control
  • Flow meter for the dosing of the solution