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Room aromatisation

Pleasant aroma increases the recreational value of a wellness treatment. For the aromatization of dry rooms like relaxation areas, tepidariums, calariums and infra-red cabinets, you can only use air as a carrier medium of the aroma. Our systems for room aromatization have been especially developed for this application.

Our equipment is designed to use the principle of evaporation. Air is blown over the surface of a fragrance oil concentrate and it evaporates the volatile parts of the oil. This aromatized air is then conveyed into the room by a small compressor or a blower. Because of this process, no aroma aerosol has to be sprayed into the room. So no residue of the fragrance is present around the aroma outlet or in the room. The low-volatile parts of the fragrance settle at the bottom of the aroma bottle. This bottle can be changed or re-filled very easily and cleanly. The systems work up to a room temperature of app. 50°C and are available for one or several aromas to choose from.