Single Channel Controler (pH/ Redox)

Autocontrol and dosing system for the pH or redox regulation of for example swimming pools or swimming ponds. 

Operation and visualisation via red 7 segment LED display and 3 buttons. 


Technical Data

Electrical supply 230 V/AC 50 Hz 
Power supply 6 W 
Charging rate max. 100 mA 
Measures W 16 cm x H 15 cm x D 12 cm  
Weight 1,5 kg 
Dosing performance max. 1,2 l/h 

Scope of delivery


Control techniques 

  • 7 segment LED Display 
  • Operation via 3 buttons 
  • Proportional control characteristic 
  • Direct control of the dosing pump 
  • Level control of the canisters 
  • Alarm relais with non-volt changeover contact 


Measuring technique 

  • Electrode with high reliability reference system Ag/ AgCl for the installation into the pool tubing and 3 m electrode cable


Dosing techniques 

  • Dosing with self-priming peristaltic dosing pump 
  • Suction lance with level switch 
  • Dosing the chemical into the pool circuit 


Accessories (incl.) 

  • Buffer solution pH7, pH4 respectively 468 mV 
  • Electrode cleaner 
  • 2 saddle clamps 1/2“ 
  • Dosing valve 3/8“ and 3m dosing tube PE 4 x 1 
  • Suction lance with empty switch 
  • Adapter 1/2“ - 3/8“ for dosing valve 
  • Adapter 1/2“ - PG 13,5 for electrode 

To be provided by the builder

  • Power supply
  • Installation of the dosing valve and the electrode into the tubing of the swimming pool

Accessories/ Options

On demand we can supply the system as a complete pre mounted unit with measuring water tubing, measuring cell and tapping point.