POOLKLAR Touch Basic

For private Pools (pH/ Redox)

The system POOLKLAR Touch Basic has been developed especially for ambitious private pools for price-conscious customers who do not want to compromise on quality and reliability.

Measuring-, control- and dosing system for the autocontrol of disinfection, pH-value and temperature. Operation and visualisation via clear, intuitive 3,2“ Touch-Graphic display. Each system is delivered individually tested and completely pre-mounted on a board. This ensures an easy and quick installation.

Useful for disinfection with liquid chlorine.

POOLKLAR Touch Basic

Technical Data

Electrical supply 110...240 V/AC 50 Hz 
Power supply 10 VA 
Measures WxHxD mm 425 x 335 x 150 
Weight app. 4,5 kg 
Dosing performance desinfection app. 1,2 l/h 
Dosing performance pH-correction app. 0,7 l/h 

Scope of delivery

Control techniques

  • Coloured 3,2“ Touch-Graphic display
  • Faults and alarms are illustrated by self-explaining icons
  • All control parameters are adjustable
  • Integrated test programmes for all functions
  • Proportional control characteristic
  • Start-up automatic with pH preference dosing
  • Release contact of filter system
  • Alarm relay with non-volt changeover contact
  • Empty signal of the chemical canisters
  • Temperature sensor Pt1000 with 2m cable
  • Operation languages: German and English

Measuring cell

  • Compact acrylic glass block to take the electrodes, dosing valves, control of the flow. Pressure resistant design for measuring water recirculation
  • Professional-quality pH and Redox-electrodes ensure that the desired water values are maintained
  • Flow control and switch-off in case of water shortage

Dosing techniques

  • Dosing with self-priming peristaltic dosing pumps
  • Dosing of disinfection and pH-control chemicals directly into measuring water after measuring cell
  • Suction lances with level switch

Accessories (incl.)

  • 10 m measuring water tube PE 6 x 1
  • Buffer solution pH7, pH4, Redox 468 mV
  • Electrode cleaner, distilled water
  • 2 PVC-ball valves 1/2” with submerge tube

To be provided by the builder

  • Power supply
  • Supply water tubing
  • Tubing to the injection point

Accessories/ Options